By Mike Hertz, publisher

We are very excited to introduce a new product for the AG industry that we hope will bring farmers and ranchers a new perspective and vision. There are many agricultural type products in the market already but we hope to be a little different in the information we present to our corner of the prairies. Ag Matters will be targeted at one of the finest farming areas in the Prairies known as the brown soil zone that covers most of southern Alberta and SW Saskatchewan. It will be both online with a very interesting, useful website and in print (bi-weekly) with a very colourful professional looking product. We will be mailing the print product to all farmers and ranchers in the area through Canada Post, with additional copies available in racks at businesses who are advertisers and who would be regular gathering places for our rural friends. Ag Matters will reach at least 35,000 readers in print alone with thousands more online. Exciting opportunities right now in farming and ranching in the Prairies are growing with the need to feed the world.

Our theme will be “| PRODUCTION | TECHNOLOGY – It All Matters” and content including advertising will be geared towards what matters most to people in the Ag industry.

Our rationale is that growers first look at what crops they can grow for the most profit (current/futures/contract pricing, access to export or domestic markets, storage/transportation costs etc), then weigh their options and evaluate the best way to produce that crop and maximize yield and quality (crop rotation, seed variety, crop nutrition/protection etc) using the latest technology (seeding equipment, guidance to increase productivity). Growers both in crops and cattle will expect to see blogs, markets, Ag research, world weather online, and transportation as an issue or hindrance to export growth. Of utmost importance also is the Iron or equipment needed to run their businesses.

Ranchers need information on the latest research, weather patterns, futures pricing, availability of feeds and grains for their operations. The latest in Insurance, accounting, legal and trends in technology as they relate to agriculture all matter to those in the industry.

Water is something that matters to all farmers and ranchers as it is needed for growth and survival of all plants and animals. We will be covering both irrigation and dry land farming. We hope to share information of value to all our farm friends through partnerships with businesses and organizations already in the field.

In summary, our philosophy will be to provide information to the local Ag industry that matters in their lives and in their decision-making and in the process help facilitate a stronger local Ag sector for all of us who depend so much on the benefits provided to us by their success!